Templewood Estate


The properties in Templewood Estate are carefully set into the mature woodlands on approx. 1 acre sites. These magnificent homes are designed with the natural environment of mature trees and rolling hills in the back drop. These homes range in size from 3,500 sq.ft to 4,300 sq.ft and were designed in accordance with the Templewood Design Guide. The houses are built with traditional masonry constructed with bespoke external finishes of cedar wood and Z – stone cladding to blend in with their natural environment.

Each home had a large extensive high performance glazing systems which are such a integral part of these homes. These “A” rated houses are heated using air to water heat pumps and are remotely controlled using “Nest”. Each home has its own individual design which makes it stand out, but yet compliment the other dwellings located in this spectacular woodland. These dwellings were constructed within a 12 month timeframe with careful time consideration been given to finishin g out these houses to a standard that fits its surrounding.